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British Prime Minister Theresa May: "I Stand with Israel as the Homeland of the Jewish People"2018-September-18
Video: Rabbi Sacks Warns House of Lords on Danger of Anti-Semitism in Britain2018-September-14
U.S. Department of Education Adopts New Definition of Anti-Semitism in Schools2018-September-13
British Labour Party Rejects Corbyn's Plan to Declare Israel Racist2018-September-06
Corbyn's Anti-Semitism Is a Threat to All of Us2018-September-06
Britain's Labour Party Backs Full International Definition of Anti-Semitism, Adds Caveat for "Freedom of Expression" on Israel2018-September-05
Former Labour PM Gordon Brown Calls for Urgent Action Against Party's Anti-Semites2018-September-03
Turkey's Turn Against the U.S.2018-August-31
Corbyn Claims Israeli Ambassador Wrote Speeches Made by British MPs in Parliament2018-August-30
Video: Jeremy Corbyn and the Resurgence of European Anti-Semitism - Amb. Dore Gold2018-August-29
Former UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: "An Anti-Semite Leads Labour"2018-August-29
Corbyn Unmasked: He Brought Flowers to Terrorists2018-August-17
No Cherry-Picking Anti-Semitism Definition, Say Its Authors2018-August-10
Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitic 2018-August-10
U.S. Targets UNRWA2018-August-06
Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism 2018-August-03
Hungarian Prime Minister Visits Israel2018-July-19
Why Is Israel the Only Country with No Right to a Normal Foreign Policy?2018-July-18
Israeli Judge Convicts Man on Charges of Threatening U.S. Jewish Groups2018-June-29
BBC Finds Television Presenter Andrew Marr Guilty of Rules Breach over Anti-Israel Comments2018-June-27
Jewish Journalism Struggles to Survive 2018-June-22
Wasatia: The Path to Reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis2018-June-20
The UN's Embrace of Anti-Semitism 2018-June-04
The Dangerous Perversion of "Genocide": Israel's Critics Distort a Crucial Term2018-June-04
The Real Palestinian Catastrophe 2018-May-24
U.S. Officials and Jewish Groups Denounce Abbas' Anti-Semitic Statements2018-May-02
Lipstadt: With "Classic Anti-Semitism," Abbas Ending Career the Way He Started2018-May-02
French Jews "Face Ethnic Cleansing by Islamists"2018-April-24
Israel's Contribution to the Modern Evolution of International Law 2018-April-24
Israel Exists to End the Victimization of Jews2018-April-23
Report Warns of Resurgent Global Anti-Semitism2018-April-12
War of Words Heats Up between Trump Administration, Palestinian Leadership2018-March-20
Israel Is Waiting for a Palestinian Sadat or King Hussein to Make Peace2018-February-26
Meet My New Friend Hussein2018-February-02
Europe's Failure to Exercise the Diplomacy of Truth 2018-January-31
President Rivlin: Abbas Returns to Past Anti-Semitic Rhetoric2018-January-16
Anti-Israel Bias Reigns at Columbia University2018-January-05
Future Presidents May Thank Trump for Acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel's Capital 2017-December-28
Following U.S., Israel Announces Exit from UNESCO2017-December-25
America Has Sometimes Stood Proudest at the UN When It Has Stood Alone2017-December-25
UN Attacks America over Jerusalem2017-December-22
Muslim Migrants Behind Rise in Anti-Semitism2017-December-21
Study: Anti-Semitism Rampant among Muslim Refugees in Germany2017-December-15
Burning the Israeli Flag Has Nothing to Do with Freedom of Speech2017-December-13
The Dishonesty of the "Palestinian Narrative"2017-November-14
It's Not Britain's Fault that There's No Palestinian State2017-November-03
British Prime Minister Rejects Call to Apologize for Balfour Declaration2017-November-03
The History of Iraqi Jews Is in Jeopardy 2017-October-27
Canadian Holocaust Memorial Neglects to Mention Jews2017-October-06
UK Cabinet Minister Michael Gove: "Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism"2017-October-04

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