Hizbullah Planned Attacks in Rome, Paris: French Police Suggest

[Spectator-UK] Melanie Phillips - Italy's Libero reported on Jan. 31 that the French security service intercepted what appears to have been a Hizbullah plot to kidnap major figures in France, Germany, Italy and Britain. The police broke into an apartment in Paris and seized six Arabs, including two Lebanese and one Syrian who held diplomatic passports. The agents seized several documents and opened a diplomatic bag containing tourist maps of Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, and Rome, with red highlighter marks showing routes, addresses, car parks, and "truck stopping points." This seems to connect with very confidential information that reached the DGSE (French external security intelligence service) from Beirut that Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the pro-Iranian Hizbullah, convened a meeting at a secret location in Lebanon where he ordered the Hizbullah militias to activate all their cells in Europe to organize kidnappings of major figures. DGSE agents are very well acquainted with Nasrallah and do not underestimate the danger posed by Hizbullah, which has a logistical support network in all the European capitals. The British, Spanish, German, and Italian secret services have been notified.

2008-02-22 01:00:00

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