"Try Ahmadinejad for Genocide Calls"

[Jerusalem Post] Dan Izenberg - Former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler on Monday called on the world community to act against Iranian President Ahmadinejad before he carries out his threats of genocide against Israel. Speaking at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Cotler said: "There is more evidence on a factual basis with respect to the state-sanctioned incitement to genocide in Ahmadinejad's Iran than we had with regard to" a Rwandan convicted of incitement to genocide in Canada. "That gives you a sense, therefore, of how the principles and precedents on both matters of fact and conclusion of law feed into Iran, where what you have today is the toxic convergence of the advocacy of the most horrific of crimes, namely genocide, embedded in the most virulent of ideologies, namely anti-Semitism, dramatized by the parading in the streets of Teheran of a Shihab-3 missile draped in the emblem with the words, 'Wipe Israel off the map, as the imam says,' proving that this is state-sanctioned incitement to genocide."

2008-03-19 01:00:00

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