Lebanese Journalists: Lebanon Must Advance toward Peace with Israel

(MEMRI) In two recent articles on Saudi media, Lebanese journalists urged their country to follow the example of the UAE and Bahrain and advance towards peace with Israel. Shi'ite Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich wrote a column titled "When Will There Be Peace between Israel and Lebanon?" in Asharq Al-Awsat on Sep. 15, saying that the only thing preventing peace between Lebanon and Israel is Hizbullah, whose survival depends on perpetuating the conflict with Israel. Writing in Al-Arabiya, Lebanese journalist Makram Rabah focused on the economic losses that may be inflicted on Lebanon by Israel's peace agreement with the UAE. While the Gulf states previously hired Lebanese experts to provide various services, now they may turn to Israelis instead. Stating that many Lebanese secretly long for peace with Israel, he concluded that "Beirut's refusal to readjust its policy toward Israel is neither smart nor constructive, and claiming neutrality while actually serving as a pawn in Iran's regional strategy is a losing game."

2020-10-15 00:00:00

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