28 New Hizbullah Missile Launch Sites Revealed in Beirut

(Jerusalem Post) Anna Ahronheim - There are at least 28 missile launching sites in Hizbullah-dominated civilian areas of southern Beirut, a report by the ALMA Research and Education Center has revealed. Hizbullah is using the population of Beirut as human shields by "not hesitating to place their launch sites near public buildings, educational institutions, factories and more," said Tal Beeri, head of research at ALMA, which specializes in the security challenges on Israel's northern border. The sites were found next to high schools, clinics, hospitals, golf clubs and soccer fields, as well as the Iranian Embassy and Lebanese Ministry of Defense. The sites are located inside private houses, medical centers, churches, industrial sites, public offices, and fast food chains. "These sites are available for immediate operational use," the report stated. In addition to Beirut, there are many missile launch sites in Hizbullah strongholds in south Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley. The report relied on open-source intelligence posted to Wikimapia.org by an unknown person or intelligence entity.

2020-07-16 00:00:00

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