U.S. Calls on UN Security Council to Extend Arms Embargo on Iran

(U.S. State Department) Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told the UN Security Council on Tuesday: "The arms embargo on the world's most heinous terrorist regime is scheduled to expire on October 18th....If you fail to act, Iran will be free to purchase Russian-made fighter jets that can strike up to a 3,000 kilometer radius, putting cities like Riyadh, New Delhi, Rome, and Warsaw in Iranian crosshairs." "Iran will be free to purchase new and advanced technologies for its proxies and partners throughout the Middle East, including Hamas, Hizbullah, and the Houthis....Iran will be free to become a rogue weapons dealer, supplying arms to fuel conflicts from Venezuela, to Syria, to the far reaches of Afghanistan." "Iran...supplies Shia militia groups [in Iraq] like Kata'ib Hizbullah - groups which have launched dozens of rocket attacks since the fall of last year against U.S. and coalition forces....Listen to countries in the region. From Israel to the Gulf, countries in the Middle East - who are most exposed to Iran's predations - are speaking with a single voice: Extend the arms embargo."

2020-07-02 00:00:00

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