Scout Movement in Lebanon, the Youth Wing of Hizbullah, Is Grooming Children to Become Islamic Terrorists

(Mail on Sunday-UK) Abul Tahar - The World Scouting Movement is investigating whether a branch in Lebanon - the 45,000-member Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts - is training young people to become Islamic terrorists. Al-Mahdi is actually the youth wing of Hizbullah, one of the world's most feared terrorist groups. Last year, the British government added Hizbullah "in its entirety" to its list of proscribed terrorist organizations. The Mail on Sunday found that young recruits to the Al-Mahdi Scouts are groomed from the age of four to become supporters and fighters for Hizbullah, which is backed by Iran. The Scouts have provided "honor guards" at the funerals of Hizbullah terrorists, while other members have been pictured posing with armed fighters, wearing military uniforms and headbands with anti-Israel slogans such as "Jerusalem - We Are Coming!"

2020-02-17 00:00:00

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