U.S. Peace Plan Requires PA to Halt Payments to Terrorists

(Jerusalem Post) Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman - The PA's rewarding of terrorists would come to a halt if the U.S. peace plan is implemented. Maurice Hirsch, director of legal strategies for Palestinian Media Watch, explained: "The antithesis of peace is taking money to reward terrorists for being terrorists. Terrorism undermines peace. You cannot have a state that rewards terrorism - this is something contradictory to the whole world order." The U.S. plan calls on the PA to immediately terminate the paying of salaries to terrorists serving in Israeli prisons - as well as to the families of deceased terrorists. Hirsch said: "The PA continues to request and receive considerable amounts of foreign aid and carries on squandering hundreds of millions of shekels/dollars/euros on terrorist salaries every year, incentivizing and rewarding Palestinian terrorists....The EU and more countries must make their aid conditional on the permanent abolishment of the policy."

2020-02-05 00:00:00

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