U.S. Peace Plan Allows Israel to Annex Jordan Valley

(Israel Hayom) Boaz Bismuth - Critics dismiss the U.S. peace plan, saying it is nothing more than a proposal. But they have forgotten that in the Middle East, perception is just as important as reality. In fact, in the Middle East, perception creates reality in many cases. The old formula is that Israel is the only one that makes concessions. Last week the U.S. created a new formula. The plan is front-loaded with benefits to Israel, whereas the Palestinians have to wait four years for a state, which will be contingent on disarming terrorist organizations. Israel got a green light from the U.S., a veto-wielding power on the UN Security Council, to start treating the conceptual map in the plan as a signed agreement. Israel may start annexing the areas that are to be part of Israel under the plan. An American source told me: "Israel can annex the Jordan Valley and build in Judea and Samaria as if it was Tel Aviv." The writer is editor-in-chief of Israel Hayom.

2020-02-04 00:00:00

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