Italian Opposition Leader Salvini Seeks to Combat Anti-Semitism

(Jerusalem Post) Lahav Harkov - Italian opposition leader Matteo Salvini of the League Party held an event on combating anti-Semitism at the Senate in Rome on Thursday. Salvini called on Italy to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism, and plans to propose the criminalization of anti-Semitic hate speech. "It seems he is thinking of taking far stronger action on anti-Semitism than many of his European counterparts," said Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs President Dore Gold. Gold called the event an "important meeting" because "Salvini as a national figure in Italy taking on anti-Semitism is a big deal. He sets a tone now for conservative politics across Europe. That is something I hope others imitate." Gold recounted that when he was director-general of the Israel Foreign Ministry, there were constant deliberations about Israeli relations with right-wing parties in Europe like the League. "What I feel is that when somebody shows friendship for our most fundamental interests, we have to reciprocate. When I got the request to come to Salvini's seminar, I immediately said 'yes.' I think that will help promote more sympathetic views of Israel and our most important interests in future contacts with Europe. Imagine if he goes out on a limb and no one from Israel comes. That would be terrible," Gold said. At the event, Gold said, "In recent years there has been a veritable explosion in the number of anti-Semitic the heart of Western civilization." He called to combat anti-Semitism from the "Red-Green Alliance," including Iranian influence around the world. He also pointed to connections between European NGOs and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, recognized as a terrorist organization in Europe.

2020-01-17 00:00:00

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