Public Trust in Islamist Political Parties Declining

(Gatestone Institute) Burak Bekdil - Public trust in Islamist political parties in the Middle East and North Africa has plummeted since the beginning of the Arab Spring. A survey for BBC Arabic found that since 2012-13, in Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Sudan and Iraq, such support has declined from nearly 40% to less than 20%. The survey found a similar decline in trust for religious leaders. In Gaza, public trust in Hamas fell from 45% to 24%. In Erdogan's Turkey, the state employs 100,000 imams, 40,000 Quran teachers, 3,000 religious orators and 1,250 muftis. Yet according to a survey by Ipsos, only 12% of Turks trust Islamic clerics.

2020-01-17 00:00:00

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