Report: Unidentified Aircraft Strike Iranian Militias in Syria

(Jerusalem Post) Tzvi Joffre - On Friday, ammunition depots and vehicles belonging to Iranian militias in Al-Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor area of eastern Syria were targeted by airstrikes. On Saturday, unknown aircraft destroyed the headquarters of Iranian militias in the villages of Majawda and al-Abbas. On Monday, Iranian militias near Al-Bukamal were hit by two airstrikes while attempting to transport arms from the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that over 20 Syrian fighters defected from an Iranian-backed militia in the area of Al-Mayadin. Dozens of members of the Syrian regime forces and a pro-regime militia in Deir Ezzor defected and moved to areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a largely Kurdish force, after repeated airstrikes on their positions in Al-Bukamal.

2020-01-14 00:00:00

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