After Soleimani's Death, Expect Iran to Resume Its Offensive Plans in Syria

(Jerusalem Post) Anna Ahronheim - Dr. Yossi Mansharof, a researcher at the Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies at the University of Haifa, told the Jerusalem Post that Iran's missile strike on two joint American and Iraqi military bases was not the end of the story. "I don't think this is it. Yesterday [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani declared that it's now the turn for the people of the region to punish the United States," he said. "The elimination of Soleimani means that for the short term, Iran's terror capabilities are damaged but, over the long term, Iran will keep with its strategy and [new Quds Force commander] Esmail Qaani along with [Hizbullah leader] Nasrallah and [Iranian-backed Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia commander] Khazaali will resume their activities backed by Khameini and do their best to achieve the strategy of Iranian hegemony in the region." "For Israel, [Soleimani's] elimination doesn't change much in Syria. The Iran-led resistance axis was highly motivated already to attack Israel from the Syrian front, and they failed in previous cases so Israel showed its deterrence power. I think in any case that Iran will resume its offensive plans in Syria and we will see further clashes between Israel and Iran's military establishment in Syria."

2020-01-13 00:00:00

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