Labour's Defeat Has Not Ended Anti-Semitism

(Spectator-UK) Stephen Daisley - They're coming for the Jews again. They have been for a long time; we just haven't been paying attention. Jews have civil rights, too, and they are under attack almost daily in New York City and around the world. Whether that is from white nationalists, black separatists, Christian bigots, Islamist hate-mongers, or anti-Zionist radicals hardly matters to the victims. Modern anti-Semitism comes in four waves. First, there is the attack, then the indifference to the attack, then the exploitation of the attack by those who deem it politically useful, then the downplaying of the attack by those who don't. We seldom pause to consider the victim, the impact on his community, the societal failure that allowed this bigotry to recrudesce, and what we should be doing to resist it. Anti-Semitism is the moral challenge of our times and we are not only failing - we are barely even trying.

2020-01-03 00:00:00

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