Hizbullah Member Condemns Group on TV

(MEMRI) On Dec. 8, 2019, Al-Arabiya interviewed a Shi'ite protestor in Beirut, Hussein Ali Matar, who destroyed his Hizbullah membership card on camera. Matar said: "We are all dying of hunger....For any job I apply to, I need connections to either Hizbullah or Amal....I support four sisters and one brother, and I haven't worked in six or seven months....I used to work for Hizbullah and they let me go....You think that I am well-fed just because I'm from Hizbullah? I am in the same situation as everybody else." "Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri...you've been Parliament Speaker for 30 years. You have billions of dollars and your children live in America. How come your children go to America and it's okay, but if we say a single word...we are pronounced collaborators with America and Israel?... Nobody is a collaborator with Israel. All the Lebanese are against Israel."

2019-12-16 00:00:00

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