The Global Surge in Jew-Hatred Barely Registers in the West

(New York Times) Bari Weiss - Two years ago, Kobili Traore, 27, walked into the Paris apartment of kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi, 65, where he beat and stabbed her. According to witnesses, he called her a dirty Jew, shouted, "Allahu akbar," then threw her battered body out of her third-story apartment window. One would think that this would be an open-and-shut hate crime, but French prosecutors decided to drop murder charges against Traore because he had smoked cannabis. If hatred of Jews can be justified as a misunderstanding or ignored as a mistake or played down as a slip of the tongue or waved away as "just anti-Zionism," you can all but guarantee it will be. Even those who seek to uplift the marginalized can't seem to find their voice when it comes to Jews facing anti-Semitism. Jew-hatred is surging, yet Jewish victimhood does not command attention or inspire popular outrage. Unless Jews are murdered by neo-Nazis, the one group everyone of conscience recognizes as evil, Jews' inconvenient murders, their beatings, their discrimination, the singling out of their state for demonization, will be explained away.

2019-12-06 00:00:00

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