IDF: Hizbullah Beefing Up Presence on Israel's Lebanon Border

(Times of Israel) Hizbullah has beefed up its presence along Israel's Lebanon border, IDF Col. Roy Levy, the Northern Border Brigade commander, said Thursday. He said Hizbullah's main focus is to entrench itself along the border area and "plan to attack us." Last December, the IDF uncovered a network of tunnels that Hizbullah built to infiltrate Israel and carrying out attacks. Hizbullah has taken over houses in Lebanese border villages to hide soldiers, ammunition, cameras and intelligence-gathering equipment. Hizbullah positions are just a few hundred meters from Israeli residents. "Civilians, farmers, children drive here every day," Levy said. "They have a lot of cameras, a lot of forces along the border, camouflaged," he said.

2019-12-06 00:00:00

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