Iran Pumps Iron in the Middle East

[Christian Science Monitor] Editorial - Hizbullah's in-and-out coup in Lebanon in a show of its military superiority (courtesy of Iran and Syria) has deeply shaken the Middle East's Sunni Arab governments, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which see it as Iran on the march in the region. Turning out a dismal economic performance at home, Tehran props itself up by challenging enemies abroad: Sunni Arabs, Israel, and the West. Iran has caused endless trouble for the U.S. in Iraq by arming and supporting Shiite militants there, and it is stepping up aid to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then there is Iran's other terrorist and anti-Israel proxy, Hamas, in Gaza. The last seven years have seen "a very significant increase in the amount of assistance that Iran is giving to Hamas," said Elliott Abrams, a national security adviser to President Bush.

2008-05-16 01:00:00

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