An Israeli-Arab Psychologist Has Become Germany's Staunchest Islam Critic

(Ha'aretz) Liza Rozovsky - Israeli-born psychologist and author Ahmad Mansour, 43, one of Germany's most prominent critics of Islam, established MIND Prevention, the institute for democratization and prevention of extremism, in Berlin. Two of his books featured on Der Spiegel's best-seller list in recent years. Mansour, who left Israel 15 year ago, dedicates much of his time to fighting anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel among Muslims. Asked about anti-Semitism in Germany, Mansour said: "In the big cities, it is dangerous today to walk the streets with a kippah or Star of David. There is an Israeli restaurant in Berlin that is attacked weekly. Youths are attacked in schools because of their Judaism. I spoke with the principal of a Jewish high school in Berlin. He says people register their children there not necessarily because it's Jewish, but rather because their children suffer in public schools [from bullying, etc.]. There are [Jewish] families who are thinking of emigrating. There are people I work with, my friends, who talk about it daily. They're scared."

2019-11-01 00:00:00

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