Jews Increasingly See Discrimination and Danger in U.S.

(Chicago Tribune) Daniel Elbaum - According to a recent survey of American Jews on the topic of anti-Semitism in the U.S., 88% believe anti-Semitism is a problem in America today, and 84% say it has gotten worse over the past five years. 35% say they have personally been the targets of anti-Semitism over the past five years. 31% avoid publicly wearing, carrying or displaying things that might identify them as Jews. American Jews see a connection between undue criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism, with 84% saying the statement "Israel has no right to exist" is anti-Semitic. 80% said the statement "The U.S. government only supports Israel because of Jewish money" is anti-Semitic. 73% said the statement "American Jews are more loyal to Israel than America" is anti-Semitic. The writer is the American Jewish Committee's chief advocacy officer.

2019-10-24 00:00:00

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