In Response to Iran's Expanding Attacks, Israel Is Approaching Iran's Borders

(Ha'aretz) Amos Harel - Two former military intelligence officers, Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira and Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall wrote in a publication of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs last week that the many strikes at Iranian targets around the Middle East have "led to sharp internal discussion within Iran concerning the continuing lack of success - especially on the important front against Israel - in establishing attack capabilities and a significant military traction along its border." "This is in contrast to the Iranian successes in managing the campaign against Saudi Arabia from Yemenite territory and the repeated attacks on strategic targets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates." According to the officers, "Iran feels that Israel is changing and expanding the boundaries of the campaign it is conducting against it and against its allies in the region and even getting closer to its borders, against the background of the attacks in Iraq and the concern that Israel will be a part of a maritime police force in the Persian Gulf." "Thus far, Iran has succeeded in managing the campaign against Israel and its regional rivals far from its borders. Now it has to make adjustments to its national security policy in light of the way the campaign is drawing closer."

2019-09-02 00:00:00

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