Arab Countries Watch as Israel Hits Back at Iran

(Globes) Dan Zaken - A recent string of security incidents highlights the difficult defense situation facing Israel on multiple fronts. Israel's diverse capabilities in coping with the many threats are admired and praised by moderate Arab countries. Praise comes mainly from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf states, but there are also voices in Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon taking Israel's side in these conflicts. The media in those countries are reporting the incidents extensively, and are not omitting the reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad asked Russia to restrain Iranian activities on his territory. The attacks are even winning praise on many social networks. Iran is portrayed as humiliated. The Magen David (Star of David), which used to be a negative symbol in Arab communications channels, is now appearing in a positive context. Hizbullah reported that Israel had attacked its offices in Beirut - a report whose reliability is doubtful. The drone shown in the photographs cannot fly far enough to reach Beirut from Israel.

2019-08-27 00:00:00

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