ADL: Iran's Regime Stokes More Anti-Semitism

(Anti-Defamation League) David Andrew Weinberg - Iranian leaders and state-controlled media continue to propagate anti-Semitism, using false anti-Jewish conspiracy theories in an effort to shift the blame for the consequences of its own aggressive actions abroad. Sometimes these conspiracy theories suggest devious and vast Jewish control over Western governments. For example, in May Iranian President Hassan Rouhani asserted that the speeches U.S. officials make that criticize Iran "are written by Zionists word for word." Iran's government-administered Ofogh TV aired a documentary on June 1 showing a mock bombing of Israel, the U.S. Capitol, and a U.S. Navy ship. The event was patronized by a general from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who relayed greetings from Supreme Leader Khamenei. On July 5, Iran's Channel 1 TV broadcast a Tehran sermon by a member of Iran's Expediency Council and Assembly of Experts in which he warned that "Israel will be razed dozens of times" if Tehran so desires. The crowd responded by chanting: "Death to America! Death to England! Death to the...infidels! Death to Israel!" The writer is ADL's Washington Director for International Affairs.

2019-08-23 00:00:00

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