Is California's Draft Ethnic Studies Curriculum Anti-Semitic?

(Los Angeles Times) Karin Klein - The number of hate crimes against Jews in California increased more than those against any other group in 2018, according to the state Attorney General's Office. That doesn't include the gunman's attack on a synagogue in Poway in April. The number of hate crimes against Muslims was less than half that of those against Jews. But don't expect to find information about anti-Semitism in the draft of a "model curriculum" for teaching ethnic studies in public high schools in California. There's a long list of the kinds of hatred that have oppressed minority groups in California, including bigotry against Muslims and transgender people, but anti-Semitism is curiously missing. This curriculum makes a mockery of the very good an ethnic studies course should attempt to bring about, with its efforts to inculcate an agenda rather than encourage diversity of opinion. It encourages students to study the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement against Israel as one of various worthy social movements. Nowhere does it acknowledge that this is a controversial movement with many opponents, or that it also would cut off Israeli scholars.

2019-08-13 00:00:00

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