Anti-Semitism in Labour Disfigures British Politics

(Financial Times-UK) Editorial - When Theresa May used one of her last prime ministerial appearances in the House of Commons to highlight the anti-Semitism that has gripped Jeremy Corbyn's opposition Labour party, she was echoing the views of 67 Labour peers who had just published an open letter accusing Corbyn of failing properly to act against this vile strain of racism. The letter, signed by nine former cabinet ministers, was just the latest in a series of protests. In spite of his protestations that he wants to stamp out anti-Semitism, former party officials have testified that the leader's own office has been instrumental in slowing and diluting the effort. The anti-Semitism that Mr. Corbyn treats as a minor blemish does not simply disfigure Labour, it feeds a dangerous upsurge in xenophobia.

2019-07-26 00:00:00

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