UK Labour Party Anti-Semitism Is about Ideology

(UK Media Watch) Adam Levick - Israeli academic Shany Mor provides some clarity on a major element of the Labour anti-Semitism scandal. Mor calls out, as central to Corbyn's worldview, the pathological, obsessive hatred of Israel, one which views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a binary story of good and evil, and which views any Jewish state as inherently (indeed, irredeemably) racist, and morally beyond the pale. It's this ideology - or theology - which invariably leads to the conclusion that to identify with and defend Israel (as most British Jews do) places you "on the wrong side of history." In other words, even for those who avoid employing explicit classic anti-Semitic tropes while vilifying Israel, the acceptance of the view that the Jewish state isn't merely a state that's flawed as all states are, but, rather, represents a singularly organic obstacle to peace and progress, inextricably leads to an anti-Semitic place. It's this demonization of Israel - on display day in and day out in publications like the Guardian - that drives and provides succor to the resurgent anti-Semitism in the UK. This is why the anti-Semitism crisis that's engulfed Labour can't be defeated by members being more careful with their language, or party officials implementing an improved complaint process.

2019-07-19 00:00:00

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