Are You More Liberal or More Jewish?

(Los Angeles Jewish Journal) Shmuel Rosner - A new study by Irwin Mansdorf of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs polled American Jewish and non-Jewish liberals and found that Jews were much more worried about anti-Semitism. When asked about priorities, more than 60% of liberal Jews prioritized fighting anti-Semitism over all other options, while liberal non-Jews tended to prioritize "supporting Black Lives Matter" (about 50%, with about 20% prioritizing anti-Semitism). When asked if the most important component of a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to have Israel recognized as the nation-state of the Jewish people, more than 50% of the Jewish liberals said yes, while 24% of non-Jewish liberals agreed. When asked if Zionism was a "legitimate national liberation movement for the Jewish people," about half of all liberal Jews said yes, while merely 16% of non-Jewish liberals said yes. A quarter of all non-Jewish liberals described Zionism as a "racist and apartheid ideology," while among liberal Jews the number was about 1 in 10.

2019-06-21 00:00:00

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