Video: Google Seeks to Block Anti-Semitic Websites, Takes Down Holocaust Education as Well

(TomGrossMedia) Tom Gross - British investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr called attention two years ago on BBC to how Google would direct users to anti-Semitic and Holocaust denial websites. She said: How does Google Search work? I started playing around with search terms and put "Jews" into the search bar of Google. You make it into a question - and so I put "Are Jews" and Google auto-completed the search box to "Are Jews evil?" I didn't even have to press return, the page filled and it was an entire page of results, every single one of which said, yes, Jews are evil. And at the bottom their suggested search terms. What do you want to search for next? And the first suggestion was, "Did the Holocaust happen?" So I clicked and every single one said, no, the Holocaust didn't happen. And the top result was Stormfront, which is a Nazi website. After years of requests to do so, YouTube (owned by Google) announced last week that they will start removing videos promoting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. But instead they have banned this video of Carole Cadwalladr that I tried to post which opposes anti-Semitism. The writer is a veteran British journalist.

2019-06-14 00:00:00

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