German Government U-Turns to Urge Solidarity in Wearing of Jewish Kippa

(Telegraph - UK) The German government has called on people to wear the Jewish kippa ahead of an anti-Israel protest as a demonstration of solidarity and as Jews face a spike in anti-Semitism, withdrawing an earlier warning against wearing the traditional skullcap. "The state must see to it that the free exercise of religion is possible for all... and that anyone can go anywhere in our country in full security wearing a kippa," Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman told a press conference. Felix Klein, the country's commissioner on anti-Semitism, reversed his earlier warning on wearing kippot. "I call on all citizens of Berlin and across Germany to wear the kippa next Saturday if there are new, intolerable attacks targeting Israel and Jews on the occasion of al-Quds day in Berlin," Klein stated.

2019-05-28 00:00:00

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