BBC Condemned for Mistranslating Arabic Word for "Jew" to "Israeli" in Gaza Film

(Jewish News-UK) Mathilde Frot - The BBC has been accused of "playing down" anti-Semitism after the Arabic word for Jew was mistranslated to Israeli in the English subtitles for a documentary on Gaza border clashes that aired Monday on BBC Two. Among the Palestinians interviewed, Bader Saleh, 24, said in Arabic: "The revolutionary songs, they excite you, they encourage you to rip a Jew's head off." But the English translation offered by the BBC refers to an "Israeli," not a "Jew." This was one of five instances of the Arabic word for "Jew" (Yahud) being mistranslated. Luke Akehurst, director of We Believe in Israel, noted: "Hamas are an explicitly anti-Semitic organization whose hatred of, and desire to harm, Jews goes far beyond any legitimate political dispute with Israel." British Board of Deputies senior vice president Sheila Gewolb asked: "Does the BBC believe that its job is to protect the perpetrators from their own racism?"

2019-05-15 00:00:00

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