Israel TV: U.S. Won't Oppose Extension of Israeli Law to All West Bank Settlements

(Times of Israel) The U.S. peace proposal will provide for all Israeli settlements to remain under Israeli rule in any permanent peace accord, Israel's Channel 12 TV reported Sunday. The plan will recognize that all those Israeli-settled areas "will remain in Israeli hands under a permanent accord." While the U.S. will not explicitly back the formal "extension of Israeli sovereignty" to the settlements, or their "annexation," the report said, it will not object to the "extension of Israeli law" to the settlements. Were Israel to extend Israeli law to all the settlements, the U.S. "won't oppose, or will be okay with, or won't make a fuss about" such a move. Israel in 1981 extended Israeli law to the Golan Heights.

2019-05-13 00:00:00

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