Ceding the Golan to Syria Would Be Unimaginable Military Malpractice

(Washington Times) Col. (ret.) L. Scott Lingamfelter - The Golan Heights, an area of 690 square miles bordering Israel and Syria, overlooks the Sea of Galilee, offering any occupying military force a clear and unobstructed view of the peaceful villages and towns lying below. In 1965, this region was the launch point for Palestinian military raids into Israel. Two years later, Israel took possession of two-thirds of the Golan. In 1981, Israel annexed about 500 square miles of the region, a move condemned by the UN, yet regarded by the U.S. as a de facto necessity for Israel's security. One can only marvel at why it has taken so long for the U.S. to recognize that ceding the Golan to Syria would be strategic lunacy and unimaginable military malpractice. In clarifying the U.S. position on the Golan, Mr. Trump has cleaned the forest floor of latent kindling ready to erupt in military incursions by Iran's Hizbullah and other militias. The writer served as a U.S. military observer with the UN in the Golan Heights.

2019-03-27 00:00:00

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