The False Equivalence between "Islamophobia" and Anti-Semitism

(Spectator-UK) Douglas Murray - Anti-Semitism is hatred or suspicion of Jews because they are Jews. It is an irrational prejudice built on centuries of stereotypes and hatreds which culminated in the worst crime in human history, on our continent, in the last century. "Islamophobia," by contrast, is a term which can claim almost anything that the wielder claims it to mean. So in many peoples' eyes, it is "Islamophobic" to ever say anything negative about any aspect of Islam or any action carried out by any Muslim in the name of their faith. Among much else, those who wield the term seem to hope that they can present the situation of Muslims in modern Europe as so dire that they have pretty much already suffered an equal amount to the Jews of Europe in the twentieth century. Islamists and their sympathizers appear to be hoping that if they can point to some mean things said on social media, then in time they can present this as indistinguishable from the organized murder, in living memory, of six million Jews.

2019-03-11 00:00:00

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