Netanyahu: The Iranian Regime Is Murdering Iranian Dissidents on European Soil

(VOA News) Setareh Sieg - Voice of America Persian interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Warsaw on Feb. 14: "My concern is not that Iran violates the [nuclear] deal. My concern is that Iran keeps the deal. I think it's a horrible deal, because I think it paves the way to the nuclear arsenal....Iran got billions and billions of dollars for (accepting the deal). Where did the money go?...It went into the Houthis, it went into Hizbullah. It went into Iraq, it went into Syria for these Shiite militias. It didn't go to the people of Iran." "Iran says that they want to exterminate the Jews of Israel....They want to bring a good part of their army and certainly their advanced weaponry and Shiite Israel's doorstep, 1,500 kilometers away....We won't let that happen....If they try to establish such bases next to our border with the view of destroying us, then we prevent it." "Iran has been systematically liquidating - that means murdering - Iranian citizens, dissidents who have a different view....We've prevented quite a few of these murders of Iranians from taking place in European capitals. So I've asked the European leaders, on the week that we have exposed these plots to murder people on your own soil, you're meeting with representatives of the Iranian regime to help them circumvent the American action?...At least have some self-respect and consistency. How can you do this?"

2019-02-18 00:00:00

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