Tunnels Show Hizbullah Planned Ground Offensives Against Israel

(Times of Israel) Avi Issacharoff - The next war between Israel and Hizbullah is already at the door. In the wake of the dwindling civil war in Syria, Hizbullah is stronger than it was seven years ago. True, about 2,000 of its fighters were killed and four times that number wounded, as it battled against rebels on behalf of the Assad regime. But on the battlefield, Israel is now facing a more dangerous enemy, trained and practiced from a prolonged ground war. Hizbullah is working to establish factories for producing accurate missiles, with the assistance of Iran's Revolutionary Guards. At the same time, Hizbullah is enlisting fresh fighters, training them, and equipping them with Iranian weapons and money. In addition, it is setting up a military infrastructure on the Syrian Golan Heights. Now that the extremist Sunni threat of ISIS has been almost completely wiped out, it is possible for Hizbullah to focus on efforts to harm Israel, under the close guidance of Iran. Hizbullah exists solely to serve its masters in Tehran.

2018-12-05 00:00:00

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