Iran Is Using Lebanon, Syria and Gaza to Attack Israel

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister Netanyahu said Tuesday: The Israel Defense Forces launched a campaign to expose and neutralize a network of terror tunnels on our northern border with Lebanon. These cross-border terror tunnels were built by Hizbullah with direct support and funding from Iran - to attack and murder innocent Israeli men, women and children. This is a grave violation of Israel's sovereignty, a gross violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, and an unacceptable act of wanton aggression. I have a message for the people of Lebanon: Hizbullah is putting your lives in danger. They are sacrificing your well-being to serve the aggressive purposes of Iran. Israel holds the Lebanese government accountable for all terror activity emanating from Lebanon against Israel. Like any other nation, Israel maintains the right to defend itself. We will continue to do all that is necessary to defend ourselves against Iran's efforts to use Lebanon, Syria and Gaza as forward terror bases to attack Israel.

2018-12-05 00:00:00

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