Hamas: Iranian Support Is the Basis for the "Steadfastness of the Resistance in Gaza"; Hizbullah "Wants to Enter the Galilee...to Take Part in the Lib

(MEMRI) Hamas' representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka told Iraqi Al-Nujaba TV on Nov. 23: "The resistance forces stand by Palestine....The Islamic Republic of Iran provides financial and military aid. Hizbullah provides logistical and political aid and helps with expertise....The resistance has managed to imitate the Fajr-5 missiles. It received the Fajr-5 missiles from Iran." "The Islamic Republic of Iran was the only country that provided financial support for the resistance so that it could manufacture more missiles and obtain weapons and equipment. It compensated the resistance for its losses in the 2014 war. The resistance is now advancing its military industry, using the Iranian financial support....Iranian support is the basis for the steadfastness of the resistance in Gaza." "When Hizbullah says that it wants to enter the Galilee, it means that it has a plan to take part in the liberation of Palestine...and that the liberation of Palestine is not the responsibility of the Palestinian people alone....[Hizbullah] prepares for the day of the great war of liberation to have the honor of Jihad in Palestine and the liberation of Jerusalem."

2018-12-04 00:00:00

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