Israel Withstands Rocket Barrage and the World Barely Noticed

(Jerusalem Post) Liat Collins - In this week's two-day Rocket War, with the relative protection afforded by the Iron Dome, Israel withstood a barrage of close to 500 rockets and mortars within 25 hours, fired by a terrorist organization which controls Gaza with an iron fist and Sharia law. Most of the world barely noticed. Or shrugged. Or, predictably, called for restraint - though I'm not the first person to wonder what the Western powers would do were just one rocket to fall on their sovereign territory. The same people who less than a month earlier recognized that the massacre in a Pittsburgh synagogue was an atrocious act of anti-Semitism, for some reason did not perceive hundreds of rockets being launched on Israeli communities as anything to get upset about. For Israelis, the latest round of violence is more proof - as if more were needed - that providing terrorists with territory does not buy quiet.

2018-11-16 00:00:00

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