Jihadist Terror Cells Uncovered in Denmark and Holland

(Independent-UK) Borzou Daragahi - Two men were arrested in Copenhagen last Wednesday and charged on Thursday with "participating in attempts at terrorism." The accusations included trying to send cash and drones from Denmark to ISIS. On Thursday, Dutch security forces arrested seven men in Arnhem and Weert suspected of plotting a large-scale terrorist attack at a public event. They were accused of attempting to procure assault rifles, grenades and bomb-making material, and training in the use of suicide vests. None of those arrested in Denmark or the Netherlands had ever fought in Syria or Iraq, but many appeared to have family or other ties to ISIS and the former al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. Officials say nearly all of those arrested had Middle Eastern or South Asian roots. The Danish suspects were reportedly tied to Basil Hassan, a Danish jihadi who was charged in absentia. The Netherlands plot included Dutch Muslims who grew up in the country. The terror plots on European soil, months after ISIS defeats in Iraq and Syria, show the persistent dangers of jihadi groups. "The cells that persist are based on these small, informal networks with people who grew up in the same neighborhoods and came up at the same mosques," one Danish official involved in counter-terror efforts said.

2018-10-03 00:00:00

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