Former Irish Justice Minister Slams Proposed Ban on West Bank Trade

(The Journal-Ireland) Former Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter took to Twitter Thursday to slam a proposed law which will prohibit Ireland from trading in goods and services from the Israeli-administered West Bank. He accused the Fianna Fail party of "losing their moral compass" by supporting the bill, which is due to pass in the Dail next week. Shatter asked whether the legislation will also apply to goods produced in places such as Russia-occupied Crimea, China-occupied Tibet, or Turkey-occupied northern Cyprus. Shatter noted, "It was Fianna Fail governments that closed the doors of the Irish state to Jews attempting to flee Nazi Germany and also to concentration camp survivors." He asked if "Northern Ireland could be designated as an occupied territory under the bill" or if it was "just an anti-Semitic measure intended to only target Jews."

2018-07-09 00:00:00

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