Morocco's Foreign Minister Warns Iran Is Seeking Foothold in North Africa

(Fox News) Ben Evansky - Nasser Bourita, Morocco's minister for foreign affairs, told Fox News that last year his country arrested a Hizbullah financier who was "at the heart of the financing system of Hizbullah in Africa in laundering money." Hizbullah threatened Morocco to release him, but, he said, "we gave him to the United States and from that date there was a change" that "now threatens our own security." "In April this year a new level was reached - which is providing military equipment" to the Polisario Front rebel group in the Western Sahara, including the SAM-11, SAM-9 and Strela surface-to-air missile system. "I think it is clear that the interference of Iran in the internal affairs of the Arab and Muslim countries won't stop in (the) Middle East and in the Gulf countries."

2018-05-24 00:00:00

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