Gazans' Protests Did Them More Harm than Good

(San Diego Jewish World) Ira Sharkansky - So far the rush of thousands of Palestinians toward the Israeli border on successive weekends hasn't accomplished anything more than occupying thousands of IDF personnel, burning a few acres of Israeli crops, losing some 100 Palestinian lives, and the wounding of what's said to be thousands. That isn't the way to create a Palestinian state, much less accomplish the pronounced aims of destroying Israel. The last time the Gazans sought to conquer Israel with their rockets cost them more than 2,000 lives. It appears that Israel's show of force, along with the cooperation of Arab governments, have helped to fizzle what the Gazans were proclaiming as their latest great campaign. Israeli soldiers did what is necessary and justified to defend their border and the civilian settlements close to it. Should Palestinians get through that border, we could expect a slaughter of Israeli civilians in the style of pogroms once popular in Europe and the Middle East. The writer is professor emeritus of political science at Hebrew University.

2018-05-22 00:00:00

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