Upsurge in Gaza Violence Expected

(Gatestone Institute) Col. Richard Kemp - The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is intent on turning a "demonstration" this week into an orgy of death and bloodshed. Culminating six weeks of violence along the border, now they intend to pile the bodies higher still. Hamas claims that their purpose is to break through the Israeli border en masse, but they know they cannot achieve that. So the true and malevolent purpose of Hamas' plan is to incite violence in such a way that the IDF has no choice but to respond with lethal force, killing Gaza civilians. This makes Hamas the first government in history to deliberately lure its enemies to kill its own civilian population. The price paid in Palestinian blood of stopping border penetrations has so far been high and is likely to increase sharply this week. But imagine the consequences if the IDF failed to stop these crowds breaking through the fence. The nearest Israeli communities are just a few minutes' dash from the border by armed terrorists intent on mass murder. The writer commanded British forces in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans.

2018-05-15 00:00:00

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