Iranians Are Aware of the Price They Pay for the Regime's Misadventures Abroad

(Ynet News) Alexandra Lukash - Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, who headed the Iran branch of the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate's Research Department, said after the Israeli counterattack on Iran in Syria, "There is a clear message to the Iranians here - that so long as they are in the Syrian arena, they will continue being hit with such attacks." "This is only one facet of the overall campaign Israel is waging against Iran, whether it's against the nuclear program, its presence in Syria and Lebanon, or anywhere else Iran endangers Israeli interests. As long as there's intelligence indicating there's still an Iranian presence in Syria that may threaten Israel, these kinds of strikes will continue, as will combating Iran on the strategic and tactical fields." "The Iranian public is very enlightened and smart. This is a people with a glorious history, and residents are well aware of the goings-on in Syria and Lebanon, and are aware of Iran's exploits throughout the world." They "are entirely aware of the price the Iranian people keep paying for its regime's misadventures abroad."

2018-05-11 00:00:00

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