Israel Can Meet the S-300 Challenge

(Israel Hayom) Oded Granot - Russian President Putin's response to the recent U.S.-led strike on Syrian President Assad's chemical arsenal was delivered Wednesday by Moscow's Defense Ministry, which said that Russia will "soon" provide Syria with its advanced S-300 missile defense system. The delivery of advanced missile defense systems to Syria is likely to pose an issue for the Israeli Air Force with respect to maintaining Israel's stated red lines in Syria, namely preventing Iran from entrenching itself militarily there and preventing the transfer of sophisticated weapons to Hizbullah in Lebanon. The S-300 is, to a large extent, outdated and Russia ceased its production about two years ago. According to foreign reports, the IAF already has an operational response to S-300 missiles. Israel has asserted that it would not hesitate to target S-300 batteries if they were used against its forces.

2018-04-27 00:00:00

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