Trump Envoy Greenblatt Calls on Hamas to Relinquish Power

(Ha'aretz) Amir Tibon - U.S. special envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process Jason Greenblatt called on Hamas to disarm and relinquish control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority in a series of tweets on Wednesday. "In a speech a few days ago, Hamas' Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar says (in Arabic) that they will 'tear down the wall and tear out their (meaning Israelis') hearts.' This message is monstrous. Is this what a leader does? This only hurts the Palestinians of Gaza. This old-line of thinking and ideology hurts all Palestinians." "Hamas must relinquish its control of Gaza to the PA and disarm. If it wants to join the real world, it must renounce violence, recognize Israel, and decide to abide by past agreements."

2018-04-12 00:00:00

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