Israel Seeks Stricter Sanctions on Iranian Missiles

(Axios) Barak Ravid - Israeli officials say Prime Minister Netanyahu is going to raise the issue of Iranian missiles at a meeting at the White House on Monday with President Trump. As part of "fixing" the nuclear deal with Iran, Israel says new sanctions and limitations should be placed on Iranian missiles with a range of more than 180 miles (300 km.) - including the precision missiles Iran is providing to Hizbullah. Israeli officials told me they were surprised to learn that the potential sanctions on the Iranian missile program being discussed concern only missiles with a range beyond 1,200 miles (2,000 km.) that can hit Europe and the U.S., and not with Iranian missiles that can hit Israel from Iran or from Lebanon and Syria via Hizbullah. Israel has conveyed its concerns to the U.S. and the Europeans. Israel's ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer told AIPAC on Sunday of the need "to make sure that these missiles are a part of any agreement, or at least are addressed. That would mean that if Iran continued to develop these missiles, that you would have crippling sanctions on Iran. Crippling sanctions mean sanctions on oil and sanctions on the financial sector. Those were the sanctions that actually created a huge problem for Iran. So if Iran is going to continue to develop its missile program we need to put those sanctions on." The writer is diplomatic correspondent for Israel's Channel 10 news.

2018-03-05 00:00:00

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