Gaza Water Crisis the Result of Hamas' Incompetence

(Israel Hayom) Smadar Bat Adam - The deterioration of Gaza's water aquifers is a reflection of a refusal by Palestinian leaders to take any responsibility for providing basic infrastructure that is essential for preventing disease and death. If only they dug sewer tunnels rather than terror tunnels. In the days of direct Israeli administration of Gaza, Arabs had access to the same good water their Jewish neighbors enjoyed, coming from 1,400 local wells. The drilling of the coastal aquifer was supervised and the water was pumped with great care. But in 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza and, unsupervised, unbridled drilling quadrupled the number of wells to 6,000, with most dug by individuals because Hamas authorities failed to provide the population with basic amenities. As long as Gaza's leadership prefers to invest in Israel's destruction rather than in Gaza's independence, this situation is not likely to change.

2018-02-09 00:00:00

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