Europe's Failure to Exercise the Diplomacy of Truth

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Fiamma Nirenstein - The intellectual and political backing given to the "Palestinian resistance" by the European Commission has become the cover for the rampant anti-Semitism and terrorism endemic in Europe today. Europe has denied Israel the right of self-defense despite the rain of Hizbullah missiles on its innocent civilians in the north. Europe applied double standards and condemned Israel's security fence in 2004 even after Israel suffered more than 1,000 killed in terrorist suicide attacks between 2001 and 2004. European leaders showed that they could easily vote for the worst lies about Israel in the UN General Assembly and other UN bodies. Israel must make its demands on Europe: Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital Combat incitement and anti-Semitism Halt the financing of many anti-Israel enterprises Ban the textbooks that encourage incitement in schools End the EU's illegal building in the territories Refuse boycotts or discrimination against Israeli products Deny trade and common scientific work with countries that discriminate against Israel And promote relationships with those sincerely friendly toward the Jewish state. The writer, a former member of the Italian Parliament and Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Chamber of Deputies, is a fellow of the Jerusalem Center.

2018-01-31 00:00:00

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