Iran Is Nearly Bankrupt

(PJ Media) David P. Goldman - The most probable scenario for Iran under any likely regime is a sickening spiral into poverty and depopulation. Iran has the fastest-aging population of any country in the world. It has the highest rate of venereal disease infection and the highest rate of infertility of any country in the world. It has a youth unemployment rate of 35% and it has run out of water. The government is nearly bankrupt. It has allowed several major banks to fail, wiping out the savings of millions of depositors. The cost of cleaning up the bank mess is estimated at half of GDP. Iran's pension funds are bankrupt. The civil service pension fund has only 100 employees paying in for every 120 employees receiving a pension. Iran has two of the best engineering universities in the world, except virtually all the top graduates leave the country.

2018-01-12 00:00:00

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